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FloCO2’s predominant services include CO2 fracturing, Enhanced Oil Recovery, and Huff n’ Puffs, but we are fully capable of taking on new and innovative approaches to solving customer problems. Our state-of-the-art, high-powered equipment is built in-house and meets all safety requirements. Extensive personnel experience and a hands-on approach to seeking win/win solutions make FloCO2’s reliability and adaptability superior to the competition.

Available Services

CO2 Fracturing – When injected in a liquid state using a conventional frac pump, it is one of the most effective and cleanest processes available to increase the production of your oil and gas.

Enhanced Oil Recovery – Our state of the art equipment is available to aid in pilot testing to pre-pipeline solutions for your EOR projects.

Huff & Puff – This method consists of three stages: injection, soaking and production. After CO2 is injected into a well, normally in its gas state, the well is then shut to allow the CO2 to dissipate and dissolve. Once it is determined that enough time has passed, production of that well begins.



We have a large fleet of portable storage units and a fleet of railcars that ensure CO2 provision, even in remote areas.

Case Studies

CO2 has proven itself as one of the best technologies to develop our vast natural gas reserves and in the recovery of our vast oil reserves.

Why CO2?

By using CO2, instead of water, you are helping to preserve one of our greatest natural resources.

About Us

A desire to exceed customer expectations is the force that drives us to be on time, stay true to our word, and expand in areas that enable us to meet the growing needs of our customers.